Better Together:
Activating Customers with Dynamics 365 Marketing & Customer Insights

Webinar Overview

As technology evolves so do the demands of customers. Your customers need to feel that your organization truly understands their pain points and can support their needs. In a time when 80% of companies report seeing an uplift since implementing personalization (Forbes), failure to exceed customer expectations can stunt your organization's growth and have a severe impact on business.

How can you truly understand the needs of your contacts when data is scattered across multiple platforms, channels and business units?

In this webinar, our experts will showcase how organizations are leveraging Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights. These technologies provide a 360-degree view of contacts by unifying multiple data sources that fuel seamless engagements and deliver personalized marketing communications.  

During the Webinar We Will Explore:

  • Why advanced personalization is a critical component to your marketing strategy
  • The benefits of unifying customer data to create a 360-degree view of the customer
  • How to create segments to drive meaningful business outcomes
  • How to take immediate action on customer data and actions

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Meet Your Presenter

Steve Jones

Business Development Director

About Bridget Brennan

Bridget Brennan is the world’s leading authority on women consumers. She is CEO of the strategic consultancy, Female Factor, and author of the groundbreaking books, Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World's Most Powerful Consumers (Crown Business) and Winning Her Business: How to Transform the Customer Experience for the World’s Most Powerful Consumers (HarperCollins Leadership). "Why She Buys" was called “essential reading” by The Wall Street Journal, and “Winning Her Business” was nominated for the prestigious 2019 Porchlight Business Book of the Year. 

Brennan is a long-time contributor to on marketing to women. Brennan was named a “Woman to Watch in Retail Disruption” by the social think tank Remodista, and is a member of the Vikings Women Advisory Board of the Minnesota Vikings National Football League team.