Why Omnichannel for Customer Service?

About the Webinar

Customer Service Consumers have lofty expectations, including omnichannel access to support around the clock. Having a proactive customer service strategy requires supporting customers where, how, and when they need and want it. This means establishing multiple channels of support, each seamlessly working together to assist customers on their terms and at their convenience.

Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service provides a modern, customizable high-productivity solution that allows agents to engage with customers across different channels via a unified interface. The solution makes it easy to streamline customer service delivery and improve the overall experience for customers and agents alike.

In this webinar, our Avtex experts explore the features and functionality of the Omnichannel for Customer Service and demonstrate how to leverage the solution to deliver true seamless omnichannel support to ensure success.

Don’t miss this discussion as we highlight:

  • Difference between Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel
  • Core Functionality and Benefits of Omnichannel for Customer Service
  • Demonstration of full Customer Service journey from customer to agent perspectives.

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Meet Your Presenters

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Kassie Houseman linkedin-logo.png

Account Executive, Digital CX | Avtex

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Director, Sales Engineering | Avtex